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Insurance IT Services: Reduce Downtime and Keep Your Data Secure

It is known that insurance companies and agencies deal with a considerable amount of their clients' personal data. Therefore, their task is to keep that data safe and protected from potential theft and loss that would cost them a lot of money.

Still, that data should also be available to those that are in charge of serving clients, including agents and customer support service. To reduce potential delays and downtime while sharing the files, you're advised to consider insurance IT services that will help your business go seamlessly.

By minimizing downtime and keeping your data secure from unauthorized access, your insurance company or agency can experience significant improvements in terms of business performance and client satisfaction.

What are IT Services for Insurance Companies?

Insurance IT services include a variety of solutions that help businesses keep pace with technological development, which is vital for successful operation and business growth. Your IT infrastructure is an essential aspect of your company, which is why Secure Networks ITC will make sure you receive high-quality computing services regarding:

  • Network design and implementation
  • Nationwide remote IT support
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Emergency IT support
  • Data encryption

You may not be familiar with all the ideas mentioned above, but that shouldn’t bother you – our task is to deliver the finest IT experience to our clients, and we do our best to make that happen.

Our services are not limited to the ones you have just seen, but we can do more. Let’s see how insurance companies and agencies can benefit from the innovative technological inventions and managed IT services provided by prominent third-party companies.

Insurance IT Services: HIPAA & NIST Compliances

Insurance companies possess tons of confidential information about their clients, which puts them at risk of being a target of malicious activities conducted by hackers. Accordingly, the government has set the regulations about cybersecurity and data protection with which insurance companies need to comply to gain awareness about information safety.

Such regulations are listed in HIPAA and NIST frameworks, whose goal is to help state insurance regulators understand cybersecurity risks and find ways to prevent their further execution. These documents contain guidelines on how to identify risks, how to mitigate them, and what to do in case of data breaches.

So, what is our task here?

Both HIPAA and NIST are quite comprehensive documents, whose understanding requires the assistance of a professional IT guy who’ll be ready to lead a client through the regulations and do the necessary system analysis to determine potential risks and their elimination.

A failure to comply with HIPAA or NIST often brings severe consequences to companies, which may be obliged to pay a legal fine that may cost them up to $4 million. Such events may affect a company’s reputation and business performance, bringing long-term effects.

It’s vital to know that all insurance companies should be NIST-compliant, while those that issue health insurance must comply with the rules listed in HIPAA.

Cloud Computing Solutions for Insurers

Cloud computing has become the most convenient solution for offices, regardless of the job a company’s performing. It has significantly facilitated the workflow, sharing data among staff, and most importantly, it has developed the most advanced security features.

We know how important it is to communicate with your clients and staff seamlessly, even while working outside the office. Therefore, our awarded IT company offers the following solutions that can help you enhance communication with your team:

  • Microsoft Office 365 is a multifunctional solution that includes cloud versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and other essential platforms used for everyday office work. It’s convenient for completing tasks on the go and maintaining communication with your team, even from your smartphone.
  • Microsoft Azure is a more comprehensive platform that provides an enterprise-like experience you will enjoy. You’ll have an opportunity to store all your critical business data on an intelligent, trusted and secure cloud premise without breaking a bank.

Backup and Data Recovery

When you handle tons of confidential data, you must be prepared for unforeseen events that could cause permanent data loss.

To prevent that, you should implement an adequate and efficient backup solution that will help you recover the information lost due to a computer and system fail, natural disaster, employee’s mistake, or cyberattacks.

We’re offering you three backup and data recovery options in case something goes wrong:

  • On-site backup: To make sure you can restore your computer and server to the previous state, you can count on on-site backup. It includes downloading data from your server and storing it on the external hard drive, which means that you can access it at any time.
  • Off-site backup: Such backup is usually done weekly or monthly, depending on your business needs.
  • Cloud backup: You can do cloud backup as many times as you find it convenient. It’s quite a suitable choice for storing files and folders that contain data about your company and clients.

Network Security for Insurance Companies

Now that business and communication are mostly done over the Internet, you must make sure your network is a safe place for completing your job. Cyberattacks can cause a lot of problems that may affect your business, which is why you should never ignore any suspicious activity in your system.

Since we're specialized in the field of cybersecurity, we can recommend the installation of the following software to your system in order to stay protected from advanced malware:

  • Antivirus software: The installation of business antivirus software will provide enough protection from the most innovative types of malware, including ransomware, adware, spyware, Trojans, phishing and more.
  • Endpoint protection: Server antivirus is critical for protecting your confidential business data stored on your server. However, if you’re utilizing less than 10 workstations, you may not need this type of protection.

Insurance Technology Consulting

IT consulting should be the ultimate choice of all the companies whose core business doesn’t include IT and computing. Therefore, insurance companies should rely on the professional IT consulting services offered by our company – some of them include:

  • Cloud consulting
  • Network consulting
  • Security consulting
  • Technology consulting.

We’ll do a complete analysis of your IT infrastructure and come up with the most efficient strategies that will bring significant improvements to the virtual environment of your insurance company or agency.

Managed IT Services for Insurance Companies and Agencies

Managed IT services are also known as outsourcing, which means that they include third-party companies that will do the IT job for your firm. Such companies are quite a suitable solution for businesses that don’t want to waste their time, money and nerves doing something that has nothing to do with their core profession.

Secure Networks ITC delivers the most prominent managed IT services for your insurance company that’s about to grow and develop. Apart from remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops and office network, you can expect some of the following services:

  • Desktop support includes installation and updates of the OS, the configuration of software, data backup, malware detection and its removal, as well as system optimization and maintenance.
  • Network support is aimed at network design, setting up VPN, VoIP telephony, wireless, firewall and router.
  • Server support consists of a configuration of the server, its upgrades and security. It frequently includes server migrations, backups and disaster recovery.
  • 24/7 monitoring is something we love to offer to our clients. Around the clock support allows you to complete your business-related tasks without worrying about potential inconveniences and cyber threats that could jeopardize your system.

On-Site and Remote IT Support for Insurance Companies

We want our clients to know that they can count on our help whenever they need it. Therefore, we offer immediate on-site and remote support.

Remote support has become quite popular because of its accessibility and availability, as well as for the fact that most of the IT-related problems can be fixed via phone, chat, or email. Still, it won't help you solve physical issues on your computer – something like that will require on-site support provided by our team.

In case of emergency, our IT experts will come to your business premises and solve the problem, but you can also schedule a visit if the situation you’re facing isn’t urgent.

Vital Advantages of Managed IT Services for Insurers

All the companies and agencies that issue insurance policies to clients will improve their business operations if they outsource IT services to a team of talented and well-organized specialists from Secure Networks ITC.

Here are some of the advantages of using managed IT services:

  • Reduced risk: You will considerably reduce the risks of violating government regulations and financial conditions that continuously change since we'll be there to guide you through compliances and security issues.
  • Increased productivity and reduced downtime: When you have outsourced IT services to a third-party company, you’ll notice remarkable improvements in terms of productivity and communication.
  • Lower costs: Managed IT services will help you reduce business costs, especially those that are caused by security breaches and network disasters.
  • Complete focus on your business: When another firm is delivering IT services to you, you have the opportunity to devote to your core business entirely. That will bring remarkable results and help you achieve your goals.

Get the Best Insurance Company Computer Support in San Diego, CA

Secure Networks ITC understands that insurance carriers need a perfect IT environment in order to make progress in their business and get more clients. Therefore, we are here to make that happen.

Our IT support and consulting, cloud computing, backup and implementation of the most advanced cybersecurity tools have already helped many insurance companies and agencies stand out from the crowd – all you need to do is to make a call.

Feel free to contact us at 858.769.5393 and explore the world of the best managed IT services.