Managed IT Services San Diego

San Diego Managed IT Services provider offers variety of monthly packages that fits your business needs. Why choose MSP? If your business is growing, and you're looking to hire IT Company that will keep your IT infrastructure 24/7 operational with 0% downtime then MSP is for you. With flat fees per seat per month, you can plan your budget and rest assured that you're being taken care of without hidden fees or overcharges.

Limited Plan $39
Unlimited Plan $59
Limited Plan $149
Unlimited Plan $199
Limited Plan $199
Unlimited Plan $299
Desktop Security Plan $19
Network Security Plan $99
Server Security Plan $199

Desktop Support

Your computer has never felt safer! Imagine that you have a type of insurance, type of no-matter-what insurance that will get you covered for all hours spend recovering your computer to the previous glory.


Server Support

Servers are a delicate piece of hardware. It is built to last and handle 24/7 workload, but as with everything in this world, proper maintenance is what will ensure the same level of performance throughout your server’s life cycle.


Network Support

Same ethos we used for our desktop and server support, we integrated into network support. Switches, VLANs, routers, firewalls, Access Points, are far from a destination unknown for our support team!


3rd Party Support

Having teams of technicians increases our experience and knowledge. Handling a lot of different clients from different branches of work, we gain insight in their day-to-day work, but most importantly apps that they use.

So, configuring and setting up that specialized software that you use, will be done in a jiffy. And hey, if we do not know how to do it, we will certainly not ask you to contact the support, we’ll handle that as well!



Having a lot of questions about security and safety of your emails or data? Are you striving towards getting a compliancy for your organization like HIPAA or NIST? Or you just need a few advices on how to handle the overall safety of your IT?

Creating comprehensive plans that would avoid any downtimes and avoid your data being compromised.


Advanced Network Survey

World is going wireless, it is a fact. It is more convenient to be cable free, and who likes tangles? But, as there is always a downside to anything in life, it increases complexity and maintenance costs. Not only that, it will definitely strain your nerves even faster when you cannot connect. That is exactly why we employ advanced survey techniques from day one.

It doesn’t matter if your IT ecosystem is complex with a lot of wireless devices or simple with few switches and cloud-based services, properly done survey will give us a clear picture and help us run deliver the optimal performance you so much desire.


On-site & Remote Support

90% of all IT related problems are solved remotely. It is the most efficient way and can be done as soon as you hang up the phone. Most of the users are not worried about that type of support, they are worried what if the problem cannot be solved remotely? For example, if you do not have internet access, a technician will not be able to remote in. Or if a device/computer has a physical problem, it certainly cannot be solved remotely.

That is why we have a team of On-site support technicians always ready to help. We can dispatch them in case of emergency or schedule them in case of non-emergency situations.


Office Relocation

Switching offices is quite common especially when you are growing and expanding your business. It can become very stressful even when moving non-IT equipment. Feeling excited about the new office, but then again feeling very anxious because you are not sure that everything is connected right. That is where we step in!

We can move your equipment, set it up and make sure it is running optimally before your work officially starts. By taking away this responsibility we’ll surely help you stay focused on the tasks ahead!



You have probably heard of VoIP before and how it can increase the quality of your phone calls, but above all it will cut the costs of your telephone bill to a minimum. It is extremely easy to maintain as it will only require an Internet connection.

Hey, you wouldn’t want the mailman to deliver your email, so why would you keep the landline?