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Phone, remote and on-site IT Support in San Diego, CA

If you’re not happy with your in-house IT team, IT Consultant, Managed IT Services Provider, or simply you’re looking to start fresh. You need IT Partner that understands you and has what it takes. We'd be honored you try us first and see firsthand what real IT should be. We bet you’ve never experienced this level of IT support before.

Our goal is that you don't need to call us. We'll take care of your desktops, servers, and network, so you don't have to. Focus on your business and day to day and stop worrying about IT. We'll follow along with no downtime.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Microsoft Partner since 2006
  • BBB Accredited company with a proven track record
  • Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, and BitDefender Partner
  • Instant support response time
  • On-site, Email, phone and chat support
  • Industry-driven IT solutions


Having a team of Microsoft certified and experienced IT technicians and engineers under your fingertips will provide flow for your business and smooth operations. For the past 15 years, we’ve been providing IT support in San Diego County, and we’ve noticed a gap between support and sales teams. Each team tends to focus on either technical or sales side, without a deep understanding of your business model, thus creating an unnecessary disconnect, further wasting your time and energy.

Our IT technicians and engineers will keep your end-users happy while consultants will assure business continuity with proactive planning on infrastructure improvements.

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Bending technology for super productivity and business continuity

Microsoft Office 365 Support

Get 10% OFF on Office 365 Subscription & Free Migration

  • Enhanced security
  • Lower cost and flexible pricing options
  • Higher productivity
  • Access email and calendar anytime, anywhere
  • Connect with team members
  • Enjoy automatic updates
  • #WorkFromHome ready

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Industry-driven Managed IT Services

Increase productivity, adopt the latest industry solutions and streamline workflow with our IT services.


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Why clients love us?

We’re Where You Need Us

We’ll be Where You Need Us

Our computer consultants, techs and engineers are available remotely, via phone, email, chat and our field techs will assist for on-site emergency.

business experience

Rich Business Experience

Secure Networks ITC has been providing computer consulting and support for small and mid-sized businesses of various industries for more than 15 years.

business experience

More IT at Better Price

We have simple options to choose from, not to mention prices that other San Diego IT Support companies only dream about.

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Cutting-edge IT Services

With hundreds happy customers under management, we know how to work your IT for success.

IT Support Local to San Diego Small Businesses

We provide IT services to the following San Diego locations - Carlsbad, La Jolla, La Mesa, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Del Mar, Encinitas, Oceanside, San Marcos, Temecula, Escondido, Miramar, Rancho Santa Fe, and Vista.

Don’t see your location on the list? Don’t hesitate to call us, and we’ll dispatch our field tech to your premises today! Doing business or have offices in Los Angles County or Orange County? No problem. Check us in LA and Anaheim.

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Our Partners

Doing everything alone is not the way to go when you need such vast knowledge. That is why we partnered up with the giants in IT. Dell and Lenovo Partners provide the best in business hardware, Microsoft and VMWare for software, while Bitdefender, along with Avira, will help us strengthen your security.

Our alliance with the most significant IT industry players allows you to enjoy premium IT support and get the best prices for the next server, workstation, or software purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Support in San Diego, CA?
Computer tech support is crucial for various reasons, especially for small and mid-size businesses. Small business owners often believe that their network is not one of the hackers' targets, but they are wrong. Hackers consider small business networks poorly protected, and they'll strike as soon as they have an opportunity to do so.

You don't want your network to be an easy target. You want top-notch small business computer support. Here is why.

Implement Suitable Solutions

A computer support technician can help you implement the most suitable tech solutions for your office, whether you need software, hardware, or network security. You can rely on tech assistance to craft an IT plan according to your needs and budget.

Additionally, computer technical support can manage your existing IT infrastructure and keep your hardware and software updated. They will conduct any upgrades you need, ensuring your company's stability and growth in the long run.

Have Your Systems Maintained

With the proper computer support, you won't have to worry about system maintenance and optimal function. Your employees can update firmware and hardware, but it might distract them from their core job. Rely on a trusted tech support service to keep your systems updated and free of potential threats that could affect their performance.

Monitor Employees' Usage

Computer support can help you enhance your employees' productivity and efficiency while performing work-related duties. Whenever you're concerned about your workers using resources inappropriately, or you want to monitor their activities to prevent possible data breaches, computer tech support is a way to go.

Keep Your Staff Educated and Informed

It is essential to educate your staff about potential threats and situations that might happen on their watch. Tech support will keep your team informed about password management and the most common schemes hackers use to trick employees into revealing the company's critical data. That way, most damages can be prevented.

A computer support specialist will help you and your employees understand the system basics and behave in case of unusual events.

Prevent Data Breaches

A data breach can compromise your customers' data, resulting in substantial financial loss and other problems that could put your company's existence at risk.

You cannot prevent data breaches without professional computer tech support. They will implement all the most advanced security measures to ensure your small business is not vulnerable to cyber threats and legal troubles that could lead to theft of credit cards, identities, and other critical data.

Increase Profit

Outsourcing to third-party computer support is more cost-effective than hiring an entire in-house IT department or training your employees to perform IT-related tasks.

It is always better to have a tech support team by your side. That way, you can do your job with peace of mind, knowing that trained IT guys will be there when computers go down or an intruder tries to infiltrate your system.

The truth is that you can end up paying a lot of money if your system's function and security go south. Focus on your business, and let professionals take care of your IT infrastructure.

Save Your Valuable Time

It can take forever for non-tech-savvy staff to tackle tech issues, which results in reduced productivity and negligence of core duties. A computer support specialist is trained to troubleshoot the problems quickly and efficiently, using the best practices and procedures to ensure a 100% working IT environment.

Outsourcing to computer support companies can save you the hours you would have spent trying to solve the issues. That way, you can perform your work-related tasks on a computer that won't freeze or fail to respond to commands.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

A reliable network and no downtime are the key to enhancing customer experience. Since computer networking support ensures your system and network run smoothly, you can see a better response from your customers, establishing a long-standing and stable collaboration with them.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Technology

Technology is rapidly changing, bringing new sets of tools and assets necessary for a functional IT environment. As a small business owner, you probably don't have enough time to dedicate to maintaining the existing software and implementing the newest technologies.

Trusted computer support will help you keep track of the latest software and equipment to enhance your office performance, facilitate workflow, and improve communication quality with your clients.

Get Custom-Tailored Computer Support Services

Not all businesses need the same computer support level, which is why third-party IT providers tend to offer custom-tailored plans based on the company's specific needs and budget. That way, you can choose the services you want to receive and pay for them only.

Even if you are not sure what your company needs, a computer support specialist can suggest the most suitable services to enhance your business's tech performance.
How to Choose the Best IT Support in San Diego, CA?
Here are the 6 useful tips for choosing the most suitable computer support in San Diego and take your business performance to the next level:

24/7 Available

Make sure the computer support company is available around the clock so that you can reach them anytime you're experiencing tech issues.


Placing a monitoring system on your network allows you to stay up to date with Microsoft patches, backup alerts, disk space, etc. That way, a company can solve the issues before they happen.

Help Desk

Companies that offer help desk solutions allow you to reach out to technicians by phone, chat, or email anytime you're concerned about your system function and safety.

Offsite Backups

Offsite backups ensure your data is fully protected from getting lost, stolen, or damaged permanently.

Remote Computer Support

A wide variety of tech issues can be solved remotely. Besides delivering quicker and more efficient responses and solutions, remote computer support is budget-friendly.

Business Reviews

Rely on other companies' experience to make sure the computer support provider is trusted and responsive.
Can I Have Flat-Rate IT Cost Per Moth?
YES! You can enjoy a flat rate, 24/7 coverage with no hidden fees. Secure Networks ITC has been a leading San Diego MSP since 2006. What you'll get?

Truly unlimited support, management and monitoring utilizing state-of-the-art NOC (Network Operation Center) in the cloud. Monthly flat fees per seat, whether it's a workstation, network-enabled device or server, we got you covered. Our clients' favorite is an unlimited package, but we offer limited options if you're looking to save. Check out managed services plans and prices.
  • Expert-level, 24/7 customer support
  • Instant support response
  • No need for in-house IT
  • Predictable and controlled spending
  • Limited and unlimited plans
  • Month to month contract
How Can Remote IT Support Services Help My Company?
Any small and big business can benefit from remote IT support services, which can help them solve the majority of software-based issues, including:

  • Resolving BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) issues and prevent their onset
  • Problems with Internet connectivity
  • Inability to log into programs or sites
  • Accidental file removal
  • Slow computer or Internet
  • The printer that won't print
  • Frequent computer freezing
  • Setting up new email
  • Need to order new hardware (computer, monitor, etc.)
Where to Find Tech Support in San Diego?
You can always count on experienced and highly trained IT guys from Secure Networks ITC. With almost 20 years of professional experience delivering computer support to small and mid-size businesses, we are one of the most wanted providers in San Diego.

Don't hesitate to contact us at (858) 769-5393 or fill out the form to get the best IT support San Diego offers.