Reduce downtime to 0% for every business in San Diego

About Us

We’re here since 2006, with one goal, reduce downtime to 0% and increase uptime to 100%, for every single business in San Diego.

We partner with industry leaders like Microsoft, Dell, VMWare, Cisco, Lenovo, Bitdefender, and many others, with clear execution to help our clients facing technology challenges.

Team engineers and technicians are Microsoft Certified, for we’re proud to partner with them over 12 years now.

Our value proposition is that you don’t need to call us, as we work behind the scene solving issues before they happen. Utilizing cutting-edge Network Operations center intelligently watching over your business infrastructure, and minds behind making sure to forecast anomalies.

With proactive approach to support and management is not taken lightly by our customers or competitors. We proud ourselves with advanced models for bending technology by ensuring business continuity.

We believe that IT industry is very exciting, and bringing technology closer to our customers connecting them with other businesses and customers is enormously satisfying.

Business culture is about being professional, dedicated, patient and kind above all, no matter what we do.


We’re a property management company whose customers have come to expect we’re equipped and ready to service them 24/7. Secure Networks ITC has helped us meet and beat our customer expectations with their on-call, easy to reach, quick to respond IT service. The staff has always been supportive, with good problem solving, budget conscious, and above-all, friendly service. We’re happy our paths crossed.

Mark Peterson