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IT Support for Law Firms

The legal industry has always been the one that included a lot of paperwork necessary for court cases, trials, litigations and other legal actions that required a lot of data and information. Now that the digital era has spread its power, reducing the need for papers and files, lawyers need to adapt to it.

Legal firms can experience significant benefits of tech development. The use of online research tools, practice management software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and private networks have facilitated the workflow, but firms are frequently facing issues when it comes to software configuration and its use.

Therefore, any law firm should take advantage of legal IT services, which can help the staff access files, depositions, court documents and other things from anywhere. If you’re not sure what legal IT services include, let us lead you through them.

Every law firm has its own ways of retaining existing clients and bringing new ones. Still, they all have one method in common – maintaining solid communication with clients.

To reach out to clients, law firms need to build an IT empire that will provide them with all the necessary tools that bring communication to the next level. Secure Networks ITC can help you implement the software essential for managing legal paperwork, law firm CRM, and other programs that you find critical for your business.

The implementation of the most advanced tech solutions will enhance your communication with clients and allow you to perform your job more efficiently.

Legal IT Consulting

IT consulting has become one of the most commonly used services among small and medium-sized businesses that need help regarding IT-related issues they can’t solve by themselves.

Such services often involve:

  • Cloud consulting
  • Network consulting
  • Security consulting
  • Technology consulting.

After a detailed analysis of your IT ecosystem, we'll know what strategies to implement to fix potential issues and bring the necessary improvements to boost your business performance.

Legal IT Services: Network Security

Any law firm that uses computers and the Internet connection must be provided with the latest network security measures to prevent potential cyberattacks and data hijacking. Cyberattacks threat to harm a law firm's reputation and integrity, and make it face a substantial financial loss. By knowing that your system contains a lot of valuable information about your clients, you must be ready to protect it from unauthorized access and breaches that occur quite frequently.

Our legal IT firm can install the latest antimalware programs that will stop malicious activities before they’re executed in your system. Such programs include:

  • Antivirus software: Business antivirus software will increase your level of protection, making sure no cyberthreat enters the system intending to steal your data or damage the computer's critical components. It will defend you from the most common types of threats, including malware, ransomware, Trojans, spyware, and more.
  • Server antivirus: Endpoint protection will ensure your server’s safety and prevent it from being attacked.

If you’re not sure which antivirus program is suitable for you and your firm, our professional IT team will be ready to take a look at your business requirements, recommend and install the right software.

Legal IT Services: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a cost-effective solution that provides unlimited connectivity, sufficient, and upgradable storage where you can place all the critical files and documents you can access from anywhere, at any time.

The implementation of adequate cloud solutions has a positive impact on your business performance, mainly because they will allow you to complete tasks and duties on the go. Essential business cloud packages you should consider are:

  • Microsoft Office 365 for law firms is a great platform that helps attorneys access and manage their documents much more straightforward.
  • Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-like cloud platform that provides an intelligent, trusted, a secure and cost-effective solution suitable for legal firms that are looking for the place where their clients' data could be safely stored.

As awarded IT experts, we’ll be glad to explore your opportunities and recommend the best cloud platform that will be in line with your business needs. By ensuring a reliable virtual environment, the management of your business assets, files and documents will become much safer.

Managed IT Services for Law Firms

All firms whose core business doesn’t include IT and computing should hire a third-party company that will perform managed IT services for them.

The types of managed IT services clients commonly use are remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops, and office network. Apart from helping you focus on your duties, managed IT services help you strengthen your entire virtual infrastructure. Other services you may find convenient are:

  • Desktop support: Our company will give you a hand with OS installation and updates, software configuration, data backup, protection from viruses, and the optimization and maintenance of your system.
  • Server support: Server support services include setting up and configuration of the server, its upgrades and security. Additionally, you can expect server migration backups and disaster recovery.
  • Network support: We make sure your network is protected and up to date by implementing the installation of VPN and VoIP telephony, as well as wireless, firewall and router setup.
  • Around the clock monitoring and support: Your system is always at risk of being attacked, which is why we offer 24/7 support and control of your network, making sure nothing jeopardizes it.

Legal IT Support: Backup and Data Recovery

The information about your clients and your firm is always at risk of being lost. Such losses can be caused by computer and system fails, natural disasters, employee's mistakes, or cyberattacks.

To prevent permanent data loss, make sure you've provided an efficient backup solution that will recover the information that disappeared from your system. Secure Networks ITC offers three backup options convenient for law firms:

  • On-site backup: To make sure your data is entirely safe and ready to be recovered in case of the server crash, we download your data directly from the server and store it on the external hard drive. That said, you'll be able to restore the computer and server to the previous state at any time.
  • Off-site backup: This backup service can be done weekly or monthly, depending on your business requirements.
  • Cloud backup: Cloud backup can be executed as many times as you want, which is why clients often choose it over other options. It is quite suitable for storing files and folders.

On-Site and Remote IT Support

Law firms usually ask for both remote and on-site support. Still, remote support is the one that’s usually more demanded since most IT-related problems can be solved via phone, email, or chat.

However, remote support won't come in handy if the problem you're facing is physical. In case of an emergency, you can count on the ultimate on-site support team that will come to your business premises and will solve the existing issue.

If the situation doesn’t require urgent assistance, you can schedule the visit of our IT support technicians.

5 Essential Benefits of Law Firm IT Services

Hiring a professional IT company that provides legal IT services for law firms is the first step to gaining the best business experience and accomplishing the goals you have always had in mind. The benefits of our services are numerous, but we'll list just a few of them:

1. Top-Notch Performance

When programs and apps you consistently use for business purposes function impeccably, you can relax and do your job without worrying about potential downtime and app crashes. That way, you’ll also allow your staff and associates to focus on their work and not on solving technological problems and waste their valuable time.

Our professional IT team will make sure your software is adequately integrated, providing the maximum speed and reliability.

2. Round the Clock Protection

When you do your business on the go, you need to arm yourself with adequate protection to avoid potential inconveniences regarding clients' data loss, theft, or other risks that could harm your company’s integrity and reputation.

Our legal IT experts will ensure your technology is protected with the most advanced software, tools and authentication options that will prevent any attempt of data hijack.

3. Stable and Reliable Relations with Clients

One of the primary purposes of technology in business is establishing strong and long-lasting relationships with clients. When your business is equipped with technology that includes video conferencing, phone systems, accounting management apps and other kinds of small business software, you can say that you’re ready to interact with your clients and improve your relationship with them.

When all the programs are correctly set up and have no problems running, you can expect your clients to see your firm as a reliable, credible and professional one.

4. Improved Collaboration Among Employees

Well-developed plans created by IT company can help your firm establish better employee-management connect. The real-time communication can help you run your business more seamlessly, without unnecessary delay.

This will enhance the overall employee productivity and create a more professional environment that will help any law firm stand out from the crowd.

5. Top-Class Services at Reasonable Price

Don’t think that IT services are overly expensive. On the contrary, you can expect to receive affordable, efficient and on-time support that meets your business needs and increases the productivity of your legal firm.

Our IT for law firms gives its best to deliver top-notch services to our clients, making sure they don’t break the bank.

Why Secure Networks ITC?

Our main objective is to deliver our clients legal IT services that are beyond compare. Apart from professional IT support and managed IT services for your servers, workstations, and office network, we offer the implementation of cybersecurity tools, backup and data recovery, and cloud computing configuration, making sure they meet your business requirements.

Contact us at 858.769.5393 and experience the benefits of managed IT services provided by Secure Networks ITC.