computer security day
Computer Security Day
November 29, 2017

Guide to Holiday Scams

Aah, the Holiday Season is starting... However, before we relax and enjoy an eggnog, we are all working very hard to complete our long-postponed tasks, so that we can enter the New Year with new goals and future tasks.

BUT, although we are using our last atoms of strength to be as busy bees as possible, we can't forget that, well, the – THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! So, between an Excel sheet and some numbers, we all like to take a look around the internet, just to check if that sweater is still on sale, or if there's a better deal on that cute holiday getaway. And this is where this cozy holiday online shopping and innocent deal hunt bubble can pop and create a lot of unnecessary work to your I.T. department. Why? Because holiday season also means high season for all kinds of scammers.

Since the I.T. guys would like to slowly finish up their tasks (if any, because I.T. guys don't leave tasks behind, it's a fact) and enter the New Year with a clean slate as well, don't cause them unnecessary headaches and pay close attention to these 11 most common Holiday Scams.

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