IT Network Relocation Service San Diego

San Diego IT Office Network Relocation

Secure Networks ITC server relocation specialist located in San Diego will make sure there is minimal downtime, no delays, and workflow interruptions while moving your IT to a new location. We can relocate the complete IT system along with business network; from workstations, servers, routers, WIFI modems, firewalls, printers, phone systems and scanners, security cameras, etc. Dedicated relocation manager with field technicians will communicate with your ISP and prepare everything necessary so your employees don’t feel any interruption, but only improvements at the new office.

Easy Office Computer/Server Relocation Services In San Diego, CA

At some point in your business journey, you’ll need to change offices and your workplace. The main reason for moving, thankfully, is business growth. You realized your workspace is too small and you need something bigger and now you need help moving your office?

This is how we do office relocation. Of course, we can modify the steps depending on the office size and client requests.

Compurerelocation services step by step:
  • Pre-move consulting on every level;
  • Ensure partnership with transportation and moving teams;
  • Determine a cost of relocation (transportation company cost is not included);
  • Visit your new location and preparing detailed on-site audit;
  • Create a backup for the server, firewall and other important components of the network syste
  • Create BCP (business continuity plan);
  • Create a moving plan & IT relocation checklist – server, computers, cable management, etc.;
  • Connecting & assembling all existing IT equipment in a new location with optional upgrades;
  • Add new components of an equipment if necessary (servers, VoIP phones, printer and scanning devices, workstations, etc.);
  • Test IT system and network to make sure everything works well;
  • On-site tech support from the first day;
  • Get feedback from users after the relocation and make improvements if necessary;

Need New IT Equipment? No Problem!

Your business growth needs to be followed by IT system growth, especially office network. Fast, the most secure and downtime free network is something you need to consider before our IT relocation specialist assembles and connects your existing server, routers, firewalls, and switches.

New server, network and desktop equipment from Microsoft, Dell or Cisco will be a perfect fit for the new location. Secure Networks ITC is the official seller and partner for more than a decade for most trusted network and server manufacturers in the US. Take an advantage and get the best possible deals; buy new and latest IT equipment or upgrade the existing at lowest prices in San Diego County.

Add More Value While Relocating IT Office and Network

Do you know that you can have some additional benefits while relocating your office IT equipment, servers or computers? How? Relocation is the perfect time to upgrade your workstations and servers with the new operating system or latest software updates.

There are always important security patches and virus and spam removal tools that need to be installed or updated. Play smart and use the time of the relocation to strengthen every link in IT chain.

Need On-site or Remote Tech Support? No Problem!

If you are satisfied with how we did the office relocation, consider hiring Secure Networks ITC as your managed IT provider. We have some great monthly plans for San Diego small and medium-sized businesses. Our passion and total commitment to every client can guarantee you the finest on-site and remote tech support.

Didn’t find the plan that is suited for your business? We can always customize and offer unique IT plans according to your business model. Why pay IT services you don’t need? Contact us and our IT consultants will do a thorough analysis of your IT needs.


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Server Relocation

If you think server room relocation is a plug & play process you are totally wrong. It is not just plugging server in at the new address. As the most important part of network infrastructure, the server needs special attention. Even server restart requires IT knowledge about server process.

Moving server to a different location without careful planning can lead to prolonged downtimes that will negatively impact business performance and client service. If you run an online store on self-hosted server this can be very stressful. Think about the email server as well. All this means that server relocation is the most important part of technology relocation.

Secure Networks ITC Microsoft and Dell certified server relocation specialist will create several backups and then proceed with: de-racking and de-cabling your server in the old location, do necessary labeling, take photos and document everything to prepare the server for smooth installation in the new server room.

After the server is deployed to a new location our specialist will install the rack, re-connect all cables and start-up the server in the new environment. At the end dedicated IT manager will test and make sure your server and network services are running at an optimal level.

Cable Management

In the early stage of IT relocation our team will make a detailed plan for every cable and wire route in a new workplace. And we like to be tidy, super-tidy!

Mess with cables no matter if they are on the desk or on the floor, and poor cabling create unease at the office. You should know that in some industries like healthcare your cabling needs to follow and be in alignment with California safety and health standards and legislation.

Our technicians have more than 15 years of experience working in different environments - from small garage offices to medium-sized 1000 square meters offices. Their cord and cable organization ideas and tips will get all cables under control, or as we like to say, “Under the Floor”.

No matter how many servers, switches or routers you have on board or how complex your business network is, we can deploy a simple, scalable and easy to maintain cabling solution.

Network Relocation

What do we mean by network relocation? We are referring to all routers, WIFI modems, firewalls, switches that need to be re-connected at the new location. If Secure Networks ITC was responsible for your network design, then you have nothing to worry about.

Our network specialist always like to think a few steps ahead. We design networks that are easy to scale and relocate. Detailed documentation allows us to quickly re-connect all equipment upon arrival at the new premise.

After the initial installation, we’ll calculate the WIFI signal according to the size of the new place and set the network equipment, check Internet connectivity, check email flow, setup new VPN, check all capabilities of the phone system, check intranet and extranet.

We make sure your personnel doesn’t feel any difference on the desktops or smart phones when start using the network again. Security and anti-virus protection will be tested on several levels both on-site and remotely to make sure there are no threats of any kind.

Office Relocation Checklist

To give you a better perspective on the complexity of office relocation and moving your IT to a new location we’ll show a small part of our IT relocation checklist. We update this checklist from time to time as we follow our company’s mission to be proactive and offer the best IT services to our clients.

IT Relocation Planning List

  • Assign a dedicated manager for the project
  • Meet with the client at the existing and the new office location
  • Choose new ISP if needed
  • Determine the relocation day, weekends are the best option sometimes
  • Meet with moving and transportation teams
  • Make detailed documentation of existing equipment (server, workstation, network devices, etc.)
  • Create a recovery plan and test

Equipment Audit

  • Is the all equipment being moved to the new location?
  • What devices need to be upgraded/updated or replaced?
  • Order new equipment and devices from Microsoft, Dell, VMware, Cisco, etc.
  • Test new equipment
  • Make server backups (create one backup on Cloud solution)

New Location Audit

  • Create a detailed plan for the new location
  • Consider workstation layout
  • Consider places for printers, faxes and scanning devices
  • Prepare the server room
  • Determine the number of network devices: firewalls, routers, and switches
  • Design and plan cord and phone cable routes
  • Determine WIFI access points

Preparations for the Move Day

  • Assist with disconnecting of the equipment at the old location
  • Ensure everything is labeled and documented for easy installation at the new site
  • Bring data backup to the new location

Preparations for the Move Day

  • Make sure server is working at the optimal level without data loss
  • Check WIFI connections on desktops and smart phones
  • Check the email server
  • Test all VoIP phones features
  • Make sure all cables are in place
  • Check network security and malware protection on the firewall.
This is a very small portion of our office relocation checklist. If you have the intention to relocate your business to a new location, contact us TODAY so that we can have the necessary time to make all preparations and tests.