IT Solutions for Real Estate Firms

Building an IT infrastructure that can keep up with Real Estate way of doing business can be very demanding. In its very core it could appear as a business like every other, but with one distinction. It does require certain apps and data to be always available, frequently outside the office network.

Value of Real Estate & Construction IT Support  From Secure Networks ITC 

  • Complete IT & network development
  • Remote & onsite tech support 24x7
  • Flat rate monthly fee for unlimited IT support

  • Work on the go - Mobile solutions
  • 3 level data backup & disaster recovery
  • Office 365 migration support with 10% discount


As all Real Estate professionals tend to bring their data with them, cloud solutions of their software can become a logical choice. Constant available access everywhere at any given time does sound very convenient, but it is not an only choice. Online counterparts of a software do not come cheap. With separate fees per user, per backup, per well almost everything, monthly costs can climb very fast. On-premise solutions cost initially more, but after a year they usually pay for themselves as cloud solutions will continue being billed every single month, every year.

With proper configuration of your own network you could gain access to your data anywhere. Think about this solution as your own version of cloud. Investing in your infrastructure will give you not a sense of ownership, but true ownership of your data and the network.


Mobility of users play a vital part of any Real Estate business, therefore security will be a main issue. Installing right firewalls and configuring your servers to disallow unwanted access can save you a lot of headaches.

Even if the data is not stolen, data loss provides and equal threat. By implementing cloud and on-site backups, you will keep everything at your need. Building an IT infrastructure that will allow you to work without a fear, will make you better at what you do.

We can Help Overcome Any IT Challenge

For more than a decade Secure Networks ITC helped many construction and real estate firms across US with top-notch computer support. Give as a call or get a quote below. We have custom tailored solution for every client. Let’s talk business!