Being able to receive information, process and send to customers or employees is key to successful communication. Collaboration within team members regardless their geo position is crucial for productivity. That is why every business regardless size need to build strong communication and networking infrastructure.

Enhanced Functionality Through Computer Network

Cut your cost and get significant monthly saving switching to VoIP (voice over IP) telephone systems. Forget about conventional phones and cables – set your IP phone and start using Internet to make phone calls. From now on, your voice is going to be transmitted through data and broadband connection.

Benefits of VoIP Office Phone Services

  • Saving Money – much cheaper compared to traditional phone systems. Especially for long distance calls
  • Easier to Install, Configure and Maintain
  • Ability to integrate phone and business apps – tracking call time, geo targeting, cost analysis, custom reports
  • Multifunctionality – video calls, call forwarding and routing
  • Easy to Scale – add or remove new phone line whenever you want
  • More Reliability

Office 365 Skype for Business

One of the biggest changes in Office 365 package is Skype for Business. This most advance Microsoft platform allow your team members and employees communicate for FREE. Voice call, video calls, file sharing and conferencing in one app – Skype for Business.

Recently app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Simply download application to your iPhone or Android device (phone or tablet) and enjoy flawless communication. Secure Networks INC offer FREE migration and 10% off for new Office 365 subscription.

Phone System for Small Businesses

It is right time to upgrade to VoIP phone system. Being Cisco official partner and seller we can guarantee best Cisco VoIP phone support. Call our experts at (855)707-9935 or get quote below.